Maine Caucus Recount Results

 Maine Caucus Recount ResultsThe initial results from the Maine Caucus recount shows Romney has taken larger lead over Ron Paul, however Washington County  are still to vote.

Of course there are still questions over this recount, such as, which county voted for who? and why have we seen little change since we know at least one county which was counted wrongly.

For example, in Belfast County the Chairman, Matt McDonald called a win for Ron Paul however “official” figures showed a win for Romney, now if that has been given to Ron Paul then what else changed to increase Romney’s lead?

We will have to wait until all votes are counted before we can being querying the Caucus, however it could be a positive night for Ron Paul considering how large a support he has in Washington County.

The updated results (minus Washington and Hancock results) are as follows;

  • Romney – 39%
  • Ron Paul – 35%
  • Rick Santorum – 18%
  • Newt Gingrich – 7%

2 thoughts on “Maine Caucus Recount Results

  1. Ron Paul should be the winner in maine…otherwise a full congressional/criminal investigation should be taken immediatly and all involved charged, arrested and jailed for treason before the evidence dissappears.

    • Hi Keith,

      We can dream but we will fight on if they fix the result again and he doesn’t win Washington, we fought for a recount and won, we fought for washington to be included and we have won. We are winning by showing their corruption

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