Dollar Will Be Dead By End Of 2012

Pastor Lindsay Williams has predicted the dollar will be dead by the end of 2012 because major countries are moving away from it and are using gold or other currencies.

Mr Williams claims he has been told this information on a regular basis by a secret source who is an elite insider.

When speaking to Alex Jones, Lindsay Williams made three major predictions;

  1. When the collapse will take place
  2. Obama may not be re-elected
  3.  What currency to use

Williams says the dollar will be dead  because China, Japan, India and Saudi Arabia are all talking about using gold and moving away from it.

One of the biggest hits the dollar has taken was when China and Japan recently announced they will trade between themselves using their own currencies in order to cut costs.

India recently got criticised by the US for buying Iranian oil but the most worrying aspect for the US and the dollar is India talking about paying in gold.

Saudi Arabia have also talked about moving away from the dollar when they build an oil refinery in China and not using the dollar as the currency.

Pastor Lindsey Williams made another surprising prediction which was Obama may not be re-elected because of the problems over the Keystone pipeline.

Obama lost thousands of jobs and millions of Dollars for America which angered the elite who did not give Obama authorisation to cancel the deal.

Williams said that Obama double crossed the global elite over the pipeline deal because he is Muslim and stuck with his “Muslim Brethren”

Williams said he spoke to someone he knows from Wall Street who also agreed with him on why Obama cancelled the pipeline;

“I spoke to my friend and asked him why did he (Obama) cancelled the keystone pipeline”

Williams friend said;

” Because He is a Muslim”

Williams then continued;

“Obama has double crossed the elite”

These are not the first predictions Lindsey Williams has offered and he has been right before when he said Iran would not be attacked.

The clip below is from last year when he spoke to Alex Jones and said that Iran will not be attacked any later than September 2012.

Mr Williams said that the global elite want Iran to be under such pressure they fire the first shot which would justify a war, which could create WW3.

Mr Williams has also been right about the price of oil but lets hope he is not correct about the dollar being dead by the end of 2012.


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