Bilderberg 2012 Held At Chantilly Virginia

The secretive Bilderberg meeting is set to return to the U.S for their annual get-together and the site is none other than Chantilly, Virginia where it was held in 2002 and 2008.

It’s widely believed that in 2008 Barack Obama diverted media onto a plane so he could sneek away to the Bilderberg meeting.

Only a matter of days after the Bilderberg conference it was announced that Obama would be the Democrat who challenged George Bush instead of Hilary Clinton.

Below is a clip of Robert Gibbs explaining why Obama wasn’t on the plane with the media as expected and why he had escaped them without prior explanation.

Bilderberg experts have said they thought that the U.S was a perfect meeting point due to the presidential election his year and they could pick Mitt Romney as the fore runner.

Tony Gosling of said,

“The odds were pretty high that in election year the not-so-public face of the Bormann continuity NATO P2 – otherwise know as the Bilderberg conference – would take place in the US,”

According to Prison Planet, the hotel which was used in 2002 and 2008 is now fully booked from May 31st – June 3rd which is when the meeting is set to take place.

It be may a necessary move to hold the Bilderberg meeting in the U.S but it could backfire due to occupy protests and other movements now created.

Last year the meeting was held in the mountains of Switzerland but it didn’t stop protesters including EU Ministers from being heard.

MEP Mario Borghezio from Lega Nord party was assaulted and arrested by Bilderberg security because he attempted to enter the meeting in protest.

Other politicans were also assaulted and/or arrested because they protested the meeting taking place but the mainstream media again failed to report anything.

The lesson to be learnt from 2008 will be to keep a close eye on Mitt Romney as he will likely be in attendance at some point or another.

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