May Day Protests Set To Cause Disruption

Across the U.S, May day protests are set to take place with a general strike which aims to shut down all public transport and encourages people to stop working or going to school.

New York City, San Francisco,Denver, Seattle and around 100 more cities are all reporting May day protests which have been created by Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street who are well know for the phrase “we are the 99%” have advertised this general strike as “a day without the 99%”

On the Occupy Wall Street website they outline their plans for disruption begining with May day protests,

“We block the Golden Gate Bridge; occupy a Manhattan-bound tunnel; seize the ports. In 115 cities, we march into banks, erect tents and refuse to leave. We disrupt financial institutions forcing thousands to preemptively close”

“While American corporate media has focused on yet another stale election between Wall Street-financed candidates, Occupy has been organizing something extraordinary: the first truly nationwide General Strike in US history,”

Along with the occupy movement other groups who are protesting include, Alliance for Labor Rights, Immigrant Rights, Jobs for AllMay 1st Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights and “Immigrant & Community Organizations.”

Of course each group has a separate cause they are fighting to raise awareness about however they all agree the system is not working and needs changed.

The Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has warned against people being disruptive,

“They don’t have a right to disrupt other people and keep other people from protesting or just going about their business, and we will do as we normally do — find the right balance,”

It seems rather presumptive of Bloomberg to assume that a peaceful protest will end with people being stopped from going about their business but it is a protest and they always cause some disruption.

The bigger question is whether or not the police can keep their pepper spray and baton in their holsters and allow people their first amendment rights.

Good luck and well done to everyone taking part in a May Day protests.

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