Pepsi Using Dead Fetus Cells To Enhance Flavour

Pepsi are using the cells of dead human fetuses in order to test the chemical reaction of the artificial flavouring in their drinks despite having other options.

To be more specific, it is Senomyx, a company which Pepsi work with and get their flavouring chemicals from who are doing the testing but Obama has said it is perfectly reasonable.

The original story was exposed last year but many people are still unaware that the flavouring in Pepsi is being tested on dead human futus cells often from aborted babies.

The story was broke by the organisation Children of God for Life (CGL) and their director Debi Vinnedge said,

 ”What they don’t tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 — human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors,”

“They could have easily chosen animal, insect, or other morally obtained human cells expressing the G protein for taste receptors.”

The companies share holders then demanded through a petition that they use more ethical means of testing the flavour chemicals and requested the company,

“adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.”.

The Obama administration decided to block the petition because they thought testing on dead fetus cells was “ordinary business operations” and should continue.

Debi Vinnedge was outraged by the decision and said,

“We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use – we are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit,”

“Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations!”

“In other words, PepsiCo thinks its stockholders are too stupid to understand what they are doing with the remains of aborted children,”

If ever we needed a reason to never drink Pepsi again this is certainly it and their blatant disregard for ethics shouldn’t go unnoticed either.

The Obama administration protecting big business is hardly surprising but it should wake Americans up to who is most imporant in Washington and it’s n0t “we the people.”

Using dead fetus cells to test for the reaction to chemical flavouring is not something that would be needed if Pepsi wasn’t full of unnatural, harmful chemicals.

Please share this information with everyone you know finds out about these disgusting acts from Pepsi and hit them where it hurts…in the profit.


PepsiCo to stop using fetus cells to enhance flavour


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