Ted Turner Confronted Over Population Control

Ted Turner was confronted over his comments on population control and Bilderberg but his answers were very strange as he attempted to elude the questions.

When asked if he thought we should reduce the population by 90% he said,

I think 2 billion is about right

one child family

But when Luke asked him at a later date he didn’t want to answer him and chose to run away with security getting in between him and Rudkowski who accused him of being a nazi.

Later he was asked about the hypocrisy of his opinion over population control because he owns more land in the US than anyone else but he said,

“I had 50,000 bison on that land, i bought it so we could bring back the bison, they were at the verge of extinction”

As pointed out by the We Are Change interviewer, what is more important humans or bison? Ted Turner advocates reducing the population by 95% but is concerned about another species.

2 thoughts on “Ted Turner Confronted Over Population Control

  1. The rose colored glasses of some commentators “we’ll adapt” “God will provide” show an utter lack of understanding the problems of overpopulation–climate change, reduced natural resources, less arable land,insufficient fresh water,excess wastes into our air and water. For those seriously interested in the real problems we face I suggest reading Book 1 of the free ebook series andgulliverreturns.info

    The truth is that it may be too late. Competent estimates are that the world can handle only one to one and a half billion people at the living atandard of the US and Europe.

    • Hi Bob,

      when so few, own so much unfairly through special deals given out by governments then we cannot truly estimate how much the world can handle because it will always skew the figures.

      Show me evidence which actually proves it is possible for the world to be over populated because if we were close to it then the greed we see so much of wouldn’t be possible.

      It is scaremongering to suggest the world will get to a point of no return for over population and makes no scientific sense whatsoever.

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