Dollar Will Be Dead By End Of 2012

Pastor Lindsay Williams has predicted the dollar will be dead by the end of 2012 because major countries are moving away from it and are using gold or other currencies. Mr Williams claims he has been told this information on Continue reading

Banks Pay Each Other While Being Bailed Out

New information is coming out in relation to the Timothy Geither’s fraud case and the most recent revelation is that AIG paid Goldman Sachs 100 cents on the dollar and didn’t decalre it. According to leaked emails, the Federal Reserve Continue reading

Banker Left Speechless By Journalist

In the clip below, the European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) Klaus Masuch is questioned by Irish journalist Vincent Browne who demanded to know why the Irish people were forced to bail out Europe. The questioned posed was one which many millions of people want answered about their own Continue reading

EU Takes Over Nations Using Fiscal Treaty

The EU now has the power to control the budget of 25 European nations through a new fiscal treaty which has been signed by people handing over their countries sovereignty. The only European Union members which have not signed the treaty Continue reading

Italy Forced Into Austerity While Rich Get Richer

Italy has been told by their new globalist master, Mario Monti, they will have austerity measures forced on them, all because banks were “too big to fail”. The average Italian will be forced to pay more tax while getting less Continue reading

European Union Plans For A Single Treasury

The control which the European Union has over its member nations is set to grow, with plans for a EU single treasury to oversee spending and tax in around 17 of its countries. The move by the EU comes after Continue reading

Documentary – The End Of America

The End Of America is a great source of information which more people need. The producers of this film attempted to have it advertised on television across America. Unfortunately this has proved difficult as the censorship brigade have managed to stop it from airing. This Continue reading